Recording 101

Available for on site and in-studio lessons.

Also available for individual and group lessons.

Recording 101

Flexible rates available!

*Discounted rates for multiple hours/students and group lessons*

Recording/Mixing/Producing lessons from a professional recording engineer:

Recording lessons are done at my recording studio in Cortlandt Manor, or at your home depending on your setup.




Recording: Microphone Technique/Placement (Stereo Mic Techniques, Drums/Percussion, Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Strings, Brass, etc.), Varying microphone types and their uses, Acoustic Treatment and Design, and many more!


Mixing: Compression Techniques, EQ, Pitch-Correction, Gating, Effects (Reverb, Delay, etc.), Automation, Drum Replacement, Sampling, Optimizing System Resources (less crashes!)


Mastering: Limiting/Bus Compression, EQ for Mastering, Mastering Levels, Mid/Side Techniques, Dithering